Thursday, December 29, 2011

Book Case Rescue

Happy Holidays all! It has been a crazy few weeks! All I have been doing this week is clean, clean, clean. But I'm feeling good about all of my progress! Put the Christmas decor away and getting ready for our New Year's Eve Party... Not sure if I plan on decorating yet, but will definitely be taking pictures!

My book case has been in need of a rescue for quite some time. It has become my junk spot, hiding it behind my chair as seen in photo above... Since I have rearranged my living room and took down all the Christmas decor, I could not ignore it any longer. So I decided to stop by my favorite local thrift store. I love that I spent under $13 and was able to make a huge impact on the look of my bookcase. So many great finds, I had to say no to a larger round plant pot and a really cool vase, I didn't want to overdo it. But so far, I'm loving it! 


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She's Gonna Snap! said...

I like the vases you picked out. It compliments the dark wood shelf and I'm very jealous that you got all that for under $13 bucks at your local thrift store. I'll be lucky if I get half of that at my local thrift stores!