Sunday, January 29, 2012

Thrifted Mirror Redo

Found a mirror for my master bedroom from Salvation Army Thrift Store for $4.99. The mirror is about 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet tall. I first started to paint the mirror with a brush, but stopped and decided to spray paint instead. Due to the detailing and curved frame, the spray painting process made the whole painting process easy and faster. The mirror was removed for the painting process. Very happy with the result.


Fashionable Memories said...

THat looks great! I really enjoy reading your blog posts. If you have a chance, please visit/follow my blog. It will mean the world to me if you did. Thank you so much in advance! Have a great day!!!

Sheng Vue said...

Hey DIYChong, I'm a new follower on your blog and I love what you have posted on here. All the DIY, thrifting, and good deals are so me! If you ever find anything good, please do post it on here so I can have dibbs on them as well. Hehe.. :D