Monday, June 6, 2011

Weekend Recap

Had lunch at Cheng Heng in St Paul on Friday. Was craving for some Curry Noodle Soup. They used to make the best, but things have changed... But anything curry is good :)
My sister had a garage sale over the weekend. I have this desk sitting in my garage that I bought a while back at Savers. Planned to redo it and sell it for $60 at the garage sale, but it's too cute to get rid of! I decided that I'm going to keep it and use it as my makeup vanity. 

This weekend had such great weather. Decided to throw on a summer dress. It's way to hot out to be wearing pants. Can't wait to wear more dresses. 

My Iris' also bloomed... Too bad they only last a week or so. 


EveryDay Makeup blog said...

The desk is perfect for a makeup vanity. I'm glad you kept it :)

MaviDeniz said...

i love what you did with the vanity. it looks very chic and modern now.

Jay Fletch said...

I love that vanity! You are so creative!

That’s So Fletch
xo, Jay

thehiddenfairy said...

good to know you kept the desk! perfect for a makeup vanity!

btw, please check my blog and follow if you like, I promise I will return the favor. thanks.