Monday, May 2, 2011

Storage and decoration solution

The side wall in the living room has been an empty space for quite some time. I had a TV console sitting in the garage unused. I thought about how I could use it around our home, a bench at the foot of our bed? Extra storage for my closet? Then I thought since it had two opening drawers, we could place it by our entry door and store our socks in. Socks take up so much space in our dressers, this was the perfect move.

Breakdown of items:
1. Mirror from Home Goods: $49.99
2. Elephant from Home Goods: $9.99
3. Vase from Walmart: $9.99
4. Filler from Home Goods: $7.99
5. Candle holder from Savers: $5.99
6. TV Console originally bought from Target: I believe it was $119.99 at the time. (Avington?)
Majority of the items here were collected over a period of time. The only item purchased was the mirror for this decoration piece. I just love it, I think it works well with the wall color and I like how it reflects the natural lighting.

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Pang said...

great idea! i love the elephant.